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*Required Legal Disclaimer:  Due to recent laws from the FTC, it is required that all companies identify what a "typical" result is.  Typically, most people never do anything with the products they buy, so most of the time, they don't get any results.  In other words, if you want results you need to take action.  Those successful on this program work with it as instructed and invest themselves in trying to do what the program suggests which is to follow a healthy lifestyle including a healthy diet and activity levels.  They took action of some sort to achieve their objective.  If you want results, you should do this, too.
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*  Healthfully, easily lose 1-2 pounds per week, 50-100 pounds per year and keep it off permanently. 
*  Stick with any diet plan. No need for pills, supplements or fads. 
*  Stop the yo-yo diet cycle. 
*  Easy to use.   Four minutes twice a day is all it takes.
*  Feel and see the positive changes in the first few days. 
*  Relax and Lose Weight will connect to, develop and activate your goal center.  
*  Relax and Lose Weight will train your brain.
*  One-time cost of only $29.95. 
*  Second program free for your spouse or significant other. 
Buy Now For Unlimited Lifetime Use  $29.95
The secret to losing weight and keeping it off is getting your mind right first. That doesn't mean you have to build up some magical motivation or extreme willpower. 
Getting your mind right means developing a new outlook about weight loss to detour around the blockage that is keeping you from getting to and maintaining your perfect weight. 

Relax and Lose Weight will develop your new attitude so you can easily lose all the weight you want and keep it off permanently.   You can use any diet plan, formal or informal, and easily stick with it until you succeed.

Train your brain to be slim and trim quickly and effectively.
*Attainment Level 1 (Week One) Your mind begins to develop a new way to look at weight loss.
*Attainment Level 2 (Week Two) Your new outlook starts to change behavior to lose weight.
*Attainment Level 3 (Week Three) Your goal is firm. You are losing weight and feeling great about it.
*Attainment Level 4 (Week Four and beyond) Lose all the weight you want and will keep it off permanently.
No willpower required! 
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STOP Yo-Yo Dieting
Using The Science of Neuroplasticity
(That means it's something you have never tried before.) 
Tired of trying diet after diet and quitting before you lose the weight?
Or losing weight only to gain it back plus more?
It's not about the diet! 

Redesigned to work with any diet plan!
You will, for once, be able to stick with the diet of your choice to lose all the weight you want
and then maintain your weight loss!
Finally Lose All The Weight You Want and Keep it Off!
 A one time cost of only $29.95!
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Get our delicious, Free Recipes.  On Relax and Lose weight you will eat smarter.
What kind of foods can you eat? Everything!  You will find you automatically moderate the amount you eat. 
Check out these great recipes.  Your family will love them and you'll want to share them with company. 
You can eat these great meals and lose weight with Relax and Lose Weight.
Click the image below to go to our recipe pages for free, delicious, recipes (no sign up required).  
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Shrimp Scampi
Over Angel Hair Pasta 
Sirloin Beef Kabobs
Over Rice 
Chicken Piccata
Over Rice 
Shrimp with Sauce
Over Pasta 
Chicken Cacciatore
Over Rice
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Relax and Lose Weight
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